The Previous International PCB Workshop

The Eighth PCB Workshop: “PCBs in Schools” was held in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, on October 5-9, 2014. The first 2 sessions were presentations of the latest understanding of the composition, movement and distribution and weathering of PCBs and of the multiplicity of toxic mechanisms that have been discovered for PCBs. Sessions 3 and 4 focused on sources, occurrence, exposures to PCBs in buildings, and in school buildings specifically. Session 5 discussed what should be anticipated in biological/toxic effects from exposure to the PCBs that have been identified in building air. The last session translated the knowledge gained into policy with a discussion of how agencies attempt to regulate these pollutants.

The 9th Workshop is similar in that the latest issues related to sources, movement, disposition, remediation of PCBs, and policy will be presented. However, it will be different in that the 8th Workshop was especially focused on PCBs in air, buildings and especially school buildings, and all that entailed. The 9th will focus more on PCBs in Asia, and the approaches used in Asia to deal with contamination. There will also be a session on human exposures, with examples from Asia on the aftermath of those exposures through contaminated food. The latest findings plus sessions on human exposure in Asia and efforts on risk assessment and environmental protection make this workshop necessary and very useful.

The History of International PCB Workshops

April 9-12, 2000
The 1st International PCB Workshop, Lexington, USA

May 7-11, 2002
The 2nd International PCB Workshop, Bruno, Czech Republic
June 13-15, 2004
The 3rd International PCB Workshop, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA Photo
Sep. 7-9, 2006
The 4th International PCB Workshop, Zakopane, Poland Photo
May 19-21, 2008
The 5th International PCB Workshop, Iowa, USA Photo
May 30- June 2, 2010
The 6th International PCB Workshop, Visby, Sweden Photo

May 28-31, 2012
The 7th International PCB Workshop, Arcachon, France Photo
Oct 6-9, 2014
The 8th International PCB Workshop, Woods Hole, USA
PCB2014 photo

Oct 9-13, 2016
Kobe, Japan

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